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Glass Scratch Removal

Glass Scratch Removal Experts

Unfortunately, the causes of glass scratches are numerous and can occur at any point during the life of a window. Many companies offer glass scratch removal options that leave behind unintended consequences: distortion or haziness. Shine Glass Renewal guarantees flawless window restoration, free of any haziness or distortion at a fraction of the replacement cost. We offer demonstrations of our glass scratch removal process, helping you to see the Shine difference. Contact us for more information regarding your specific project.
Glass Scratches
Glass Scratch Repair
Glass Scratch Repair from Freighter
Glass Scratch Removal from Doors
Hard Water Removal

Hard Water Removal

Hard water stains dull the outside world making everything look a little dingier. All hard water stains are removable however, the longer damage is allowed to accumulate the worse it becomes. Hard water removal is always a fraction of the cost of replacement but prices vary depending on the severity of damage. Removing hard water early and applying our patented Nano sealer to your glass avoids costly restoration projects later in the life of the building. Give us a call and let us bring back the shine and clarity to your view.
Hard Water Stain Removal
Hard Water Removal for a Shower Door
Hard Water Removal
Hard Water Stains on Shower Door
Glass Scratch Graffiti Repair

Acid and Scratched Glass Graffiti Removal

Acid and scratched glass graffiti is a growing problem in urban areas. Shine Glass Renewal has developed a four-stage glass scratch removal system that takes acid damaged or scratched glass and repairs it flawlessly. We will remove your glass scratches, without distortion or haziness guaranteed. Our graffiti removal prices start at $100 and vary based on the size and depth of graffiti. Contact us for a free estimate.
Acid Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Removal
Acid Etch Graffiti Removals
Acid Etch Graffiti Removals
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